Warum sollte man Dhoom2 anschauen?

Ein paar Gedanken dazu von Jaskiran Kaur – Chandigarh Newsline

The A to Z of Mr A
No one’s ever looked this sexy as a villain. One of the reasons we are buying the ticket to Dhoom II is to check out Hrithik Roshan on the wrong side. „Dhoom II was my calling card. It was exactly what I was looking for as I was quite bored and stuck at that one end of the spectrum where I was doing this blatant good boy, good son, good brother, good lover kind of roles,“ he grabbed the character of Mr A…Aryan, in the film. „I don’t really see Aryan as negative. I see him on the wrong side of the law. Aryan is a a guy on a secret mission of ridding the world of all objects of desire that instill feelings of greed, create politics and feed the ego as these come in the way of being true to the people around you. And his modus operandi is very unique because he does it with such a flair that really makes him out to be someone you want to be,“ Hrithik defends his character who is a master of disguise in the thriller. And that’s because there were make-up experts from London with a magic wand. „They completely transformed me and I cannot express how much fun and how exciting it was to live and be and project a completely different personality.“ Be it sand boarding, snow boarding.

Big Bites
Hrithik is an inspiration for him. He makes him work harder, makes him a better actor, and makes him want to do his best. Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t see Hrithik Roshan as competition. Now, Aby’s baby is back with the film that made him a star. „Doing a sequel is much more easier, because you know the character. In Dhoom 2, Jai Dixit is slightly more relaxed. He’s a bit more cooler in this film, calmer and more level headed. So that’s the plus point of doing a sequel because in a sequel, you get to tweak the character instead of just developing it and establishing it.“ D2, for Abhishek, is a bigger and better film. „It’s more than fast bikes and thieves.“ Of course, the man did a lot of stunts. „But being an action film, there are a lot of safety precautions. Amin, our stunt co-coordinator, was very meticulous when it came to safety, so there were stunts which we were not allowed to do.“ Here’s to the roller coaster ride!

Behind the scenes
Sky diving, train walking, jumping off a cliff, bikes, cars…Hrithik’s done everything. „Stunts in Dhoom overshadow those in Krishh. There was three months of roller blading training which I think is the most difficult sport to pick up, and the most dangerous. I have never given three months of my time. Then of course there was snow boarding for which I flew to Dubai and trained in an indoor snow mountain. Walking on and off the train that ran 60 miles an hour, sand boarding… yes, I have taken a few tumbles and scraped through near death experiences, but it’s been a great experience.“

Ash you like it
First thing’s first. The delicate darling in a Lara Croft gear has done the stunts on her own. „A couple of them. The high point probably was at Orabi Gorge, where we had the jump, there’s this one moment where Hrithik’s character Aryan challenges Sunehri, (that’s me) in the film to jump. That was a trip, it was an absolute high, and never in my life have I experienced just literally jumping off the edge,“ Aishwarya Rai recalls the fantastic moment. The ‚devil’s lady‘ in the film, Ash shows off her dark side. „I will not define my character as negative or positive because she’s a livewire in the film. It was definitely exciting for me to discover and deliver Sunehri simply because in a given scene, while having relatively regular pieces of conversation, in a single moment she’s striking a conversation, in a single moment she exudes excitement, almost hero worship to Mr A, in the next second she’s turning on an attitude and challenging him, almost reckoning to be an equal, so in that sense, just like Mr A takes the audience a while to figure out, so does Sunehri,“ Ash defines Dhoom as „a first in her career and it’s happening in the tenth year of my film career.“ Speaking of which, Ash has a changed look too – shall we out as minimalistic. „I’m playing an out and out westernized character, youth oriented and trendsetting, and so obviously, fashionable and fun, at the same time racy, evidently hot and super cool. So I thought it was great wearing shorts or short skirts, dressing in a certain way natural to the character. I don’t need to resort to tactics to get attention. I have more than my fair share of it even in my saris! Plus, we’ve shot in Rio and South Africa, where it was only natural to be dressed a certain way.“ While Ash’s all toned up for D2, she put on weight for Mani Ratnam’s Guru. „There has been a lot of talk about the fitness regime, something that I only explored very honestly for a month to five weeks before we started the film. For Guru, both Abhishek and I, had to put on weight. But then, we resumed the schedule and I took Deepika (fitness instructor) with us, and everyone was there, working out in the gym!“ And Ash’s pretty satisfied with her workout. „I was determined to work one particular body type, and was very glad to discover that the first time in my life that I have got down to shape up. My body responds very quickly. In terms of the styling, Anaita’s done a fantastic job.“ On her international projects, Ash will be soon seen in Provoked in Last Legion.


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