Would you have cast Uday Chopra …

Would you have cast Uday Chopra if this wasn’t a Yash Raj franchise?
Auszug aus einem Rediff Interview mit Sanjay Gadhvi

Well, there weren’t so many choices, if you ask me. I think Arshad Warsi has come into his own now but Dhoom was made before Munna Bhai had started. Uday and I had worked together in the past, and both of us had discovered the flair for comedy in each other: Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai turned out to be funnier than predicted because of Uday and my sense of humour. We connected while making the movie, so I knew it would be a good move to have Uday in my film again.

Uday is tremendously sharp witted. His repartee is bang on and he’s a cool guy. So the moment the three characters of Dhoom were written, I automatically started visualising Uday in the Ali role.

I think what Ali’s character does to the film and what Uday does to the character of Ali is the backbone of Dhoom. If were to take out Ali from Dhoom, the film would fall flat because we would just have had John and Abhishek, the good guy and the bad guy. It would have one note missing.

Ali is the backbone of the film, with the relief he gives you. He plays it so sincerely and so well that it is difficult to think of anyone else playing it. You’d think there was no other actor who could have done this. And believe me, he not an out and out tapori. As a performance, he has created his own unique tapori.

There’s no one you’ll see who is like Ali’s character. Yes, in parts, he is Rangeela ka Munna, Tezaab ka Munna, Munna Bhai ka Munna but he has a certain hipness. Ali shops at (Mumbai’s) Hera Panna, he speaks English, he lives in Bandra, he’s a cool biker, and he’s a lover-boy.


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