Hrithik is Kabir?

By: the hitlist team
November 23, 2006

Zara pehchaano,
main hoon kaun?


Yash Raj Films is known for their publicity gimmicks, and it seems we’re not going to be disappointed this time either. So even though producer Aditya Chopra may have his stars sign confidentiality contracts and guard his film’s secrets with his life, juicy details are bound to slip out.

Like the rumour that John Abraham is definitely making an appearance at the end of Dhoom 2. A spate of SMSes have been doing the rounds about this ‘fact’, and one bizarre version even claims that Hrithik Roshan will pull off his mask in the end to reveal his true identity — Kabir (aka John)!

Another version goes that Abhishek Bachchan has a very small role to play as inspector Jai Dixit, and he’s got barely any scenes in the film. Of course, this one is something that very few will believe.

But nevertheless, it’s definitely a good way to create buzz for a film, especially when sequels and remakes are far from sparkling at the box office!


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