Dhoom 2 – weitere Review

By N. K. Deoshi – apunkachoice.com

Not just bikes, bikinis and nail-biting chases, Sanjay Gadhvi’s movie Dhoom 2 promises a perfect recipe for adrenalin rush.

Gadhvi says he wanted to make a well-balanced, wholesome entertainer that has something new and interesting happening after every five-six minutes to keep the viewers absolutely glued to the screen.

Made at almost three times the budget of Dhoom , the sequel features some stunts and actions hitherto unseen in Indian cinema. And all these stunts have been done by the actors themselves.

Sample these: Hrithik Roshan flying down with a parachute and landing on a moving train. Or Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik free-falling into a gorge from a height of 500 metres. Or Bipasha Basu hanging on a steep wall 100 feet high. Or Abhishek Bachchan riding a jet-ski on a rough sea. Or Uday Chopra driving a bike at great speed inside a tunnel. And these are just a few vignettes.

Besides the bikes, there are bikinis too, courtesy Ash and Bips. This glamour combined with grit makes for a heady mix for the viewers.

But more than anything, ‘Dhoom 2’ will break two stereotypes. Ash and Hrithik, who have so far done goody-goody roles only, now step on the wrong side of law to pull off some of the most daring robberies in the film.

Hrithik says he got hooked to his role the minute Sanjay Gadhvi narrated it to him. He also makes it clear that his stunts in ‘Dhoom 2’ are far more daring than what he did in Krrish .

Action, stunts, romance, robberies, drama, music and a few surprises, this Yash Raj film looks poised to live up to its name.


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