Ali Bhai hai hum!

Zwei Kids machen Ali aus Dhoom nach und werden von der Polizei gestellt.

Khalid Rehman Kazi and Jeetu Yadav, two 12-year-old fans of actor Uday Chopra never thought that their dhoom style ride on a stolen motorcycle would cost them their freedom.

On the night of January 3, the detection team from Kandivli police station chased these speedsters and nabbed them red handed on the stolen Honda bike.

The two minors are employed as auto mechanics at Malwani and are experts in starting bikes without keys. Both Khalid and Jeetu are inspired from a character called Ali mechanicwalla played by Uday Chopra in Dhoom.

Dressed like a star

The two would steal bikes and dress like the actor (wearing bandanas and jackets) and race on empty roads all night. If the petrol tank of the bike got empty the two simply dump the bike in an isolated by-lane.

“When we nabbed the two, they confessed to the crime and said that they were inspired from a character called Ali in the film Dhoom and were stealing bikes for fun and to race on the empty roads,” said detection officer, Vijay Tandalgaokar from Kandivli police station.

According to Kandivli Police, Yadav is a Charkop resident and a son of a bar dancer. After his mother got unemployed he started working as a mechanic in an garage. He is an expert in starting motorbikes without the keys.

His associate Kazi, whose mother is a teacher in an Urdu School in Malwani, also has some knowledge of repairing bikes.

The two would pick up motorcycles parked in isolated lanes in Kandivli, Borivli or Malad and would race between Oshiwara and Borivali.

Tandalgaokar adds, “They have been stealing bikes for more than a year now.”

“When we tracked them, we found the two decked up in bandanas, T shirts and wearing a jacket,” concludes another police officer.

The two have been booked for burglary and the Juvenile court has sent them to remand home in Dongri.



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