Uday hat es gewagt und hat am 5. November bei twitter seinen Geburtstag gefeiert. Er wollte ja schon immer ein Skorpion sein, ganz wie Shah Rukh Khan. Also verlegte er einfach mal seinen Geburtstag zwei Monate vor. Gratulanten gab es sicher auch genug. 😀

On Wednesday 4th November 2009, @udaychopra said:

So like, today is my birthday!!!…

Well not really…psych!!!… But it’s the birthday I gifted myself…
Now everyone will be wondering what the hell I’m talking about, so here it is.

The thing is I hate the fact that your birthday (and the Zodiac) describes who you are and what your destiny is gonna be…it’s like you have no control over your own life. So I decided let reality be damned, I will create my own destiny and hence the change in birthday.
Now why November 5th you ask…it’s simple…I wanted to be a Scorpio, not that Capricorns are bad mind you…it’s just that’s the personality I wanted to choose for myself.
So on one fateful morning much like today I called the universes bluff and rechristened myself „Uday Chopra, Birthdate: Nov 5th 1973, Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
It’s just my little way of defying God…sorry God…nothing personal…well actually it kinda is but you understand right?!!
So anyway, I know God will win in the end but what’s the point of living if we can’t break the rules once in a while…

Leaving you with one last thought to elaborate my point from the mind of a poet (Faiz) who thought like me…

Ek fursat-e gunah mili
Voh bhi chaar din
Dekhein hain humne haunsale parvar digar ke..

Quelle Twitter


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