5. Januar 1973

Pamela und Yash Chopra.
Yash Chopra wurde am 27.9.1932 in Lahore geboren. Er gründete 1973 seine Produktionsfirma Yash Raj Films.

Aditya Chopra (*1971)

Uday had a very normal childhood. No film magazines were allowed at home. He was aware that his father was into filmmaking, but did not really understood the impact of it. Nevertheless he wanted to be an actor ever since he was a small child. As he grew older, he realised that there was a stigma attached to the fact that a filmmaker’s son wanted to be an actor. So he kept it to himself. Uday Chopra began his career in films as an assistant to his father Yash on Lamhe and Darr at a tender age of 17 but his heart wasn´t in it. He went to Los Angeles to do a five-week summer course in film-making at the university of Southern California. After that, he had plans to go to Boston to study business management. But than came DDLJ and his brother Aditya asked to assist. Uday had loved the DDLJ-idea and so he went back home when Aditya called him in America. Before Uday returned he bought SRK’s famous leather jacket from a Harley- Davidson store in Bakersfield, California, for $400. Aditya used to practice his camera angles with Karan Johar posing as Kajol and Uday as Farida Jalal. After Dil To Pagal Hai Uday decided to speak to his family about his dreams as a actor. He didn’t want to wait till he hit 50 and then regret that he never fulfilled his desire to act. And that’s how it began. He done a workshop with Anupam Kher. Moreover he have also done a four month course with Kishore Namit Kapoor. For Mohabbatein the whole team enrolled in a workshop with Barry John from Delhi. They were also trained in dancing by choreographer Farah Khan as well as her assistant Shakeel and had classes for make-up and diction. In 2000 Uday saw his home-production launching him with Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Jimmy Shergill and Jugal Hansraj in Mohabbatein, which went on to become a hit. In a interview with Rediff Uday talked about Mohabbatein: „The fact that I was acting opposite such big stars was a little daunting. It was great working with them. I had grown up watching Amitabh Bachchan act. And here I was exchanging dialogues with him. For me, that was a great moment. And it was only the fourth day of the shooting. Moments like that don’t happen often. I just wanted to be associated with them. It was a great privilege, especially for a newcomer.“ He also looks after all the internet and marketing activities of Yashraj Films. Earlier he spent a lot of time online. And now he could only spend an hour or two every night. He goes through his mails and check out what’s new on the Net and also surfs for books and movies. He hates it when the connection is slow: „Downloading takes long in India.“ After Dhoom, Uday has fallen in love… with bikes. He confesses, „I simply love them now! We did a lot of bike stunts in the film but thankfully there were no accidents. We were plain lucky. And I have fallen in love with motorcycles. My character is a tapori who wants to be cool and I had a cool rapport with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan whom I have known since childhood.“ Uday, a fitness freak, has a gym in his palatial bungalow. He was trained by Martial arts instructor and fights co-ordinator Yagnesh ‚Cheetah‘ Shetty when he was a kid. Cheetah about Uday and Hrithik: „I used to teach them when they were 12 years old. I used to ask their drivers to return home after dropping them at class. They had to walk back home as part of the training. But Uday used to get into an autorickshaw midway and Hrithik used to tell me about it. I’d punish Uday then.“

Uday über seinen Bruder
„Adi ist lediglich anderthalb Jahre älter als ich, trotzdem habe ich immer zu ihm aufgesehen. Ich habe ihn idealisiert, da er so eine rechtschaffene und wundervolle Person ist. „

Soziales Engagement
Bei einer Show anlässlich Indiens erstem Spendenmarathon überhaupt, dem CRY Telethon for Child rights, betonte Uday die Wichtigkeit, jedem Kind viel Liebe zu geben, um dessen Entwicklung zu fördern.
CRY ist eine in Indien führende uneigennützige Organisation, die für Kinderrechte eintritt. 1979 gegründet, ist CRY heute Partner von 171 Projekten, welche sich mit der Förderung von Kindern in ganz Indien beschäftigen.

Tiger (so nannte ihn sein Vater). Uday dagegen behauptet, er hätte keinen Spitznamen.

Udays Favouriten:
Schauspieler: Amitabh Bachchan und Shah Rukh Khan
Schauspielerin: Kajol
Regisseur: Sein Bruder Aditya
Film: Chupke Chupke
ScienceFiction-Buch: Dune
Urlaubsort: Hawaii und New York City
Website: und
Essen: Sushi
Unterrichtsfach in der Schule: Essenspause

Bisher unerfüllter Traum
In einem englisch-sprachigen Film mitzuwirken.
„I would love to do an English film. I am very comfortable with English. I grew up watching Hollywood sit coms and in day to day life I would say that my English is better than my Hindi.“


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