We were either working or having fun, there was no third emotion during the entire shoot of Dhoom 2 – Uday Chopra
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He made us fall in love with him when he portrayed the character of Ali in Dhoom. Now he is back with its sequel and Ali is all set to rock again. Meet Uday Chopra, in an inter view where he speaks about his career, interests and forthcoming film Dhoom II.

Interview vom 21.11.2006

Ash and Abhishek were tired and dispirited at the shoot of Dhoom 2… Until Uday Chopra played ‘Kajra re’, that is
By Ram Kamal Mukherjee – Mumbai Mirror

Incidentally, while shooting the climax song everyone, including Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu, were exhausted after shooting continuously for a month. “It was a night sequence on the streets of Rio with several dancers and junior artistes involved. It was 2 am and all the actors were extremely tired. They were just sitting around glumly, waiting for the lights to be set up for the next shot,” says Uday.So, Uday got an idea to liven up the scene. “I plugged in my Ipod to the speakers and just blasted the song ‘Kajra re’. What followed was unbelievable. Each and every person got up almost automatically and began dancing. In fact, Abhishek and Ash actually perform the entire track. They both went on to the stage and we had the entire Rio crowd dancing and clapping for us for putting up this impromptu show. Obviously people in Rio are driven by music and dance,” says Uday.

Interview vom 10.11.2006.

It isn’t easy to get Uday Chopra. Not that he’s reclusive, but he likes to remain in his own space.
By Subhash K. Jha – Glamsham.comnealnnikki10_s.jpg

„That’s why I don’t get affected when people comment on my being the Yash Raj scion… I’m so much into my own world. I’ve my own family, close circle of friends. Even when I’m working it’s with friends.“

Interview von 2005.

I have exposed more than Tanisha
By Naresh Kumar – Eye TV India Bureau


Yash Chopra’s second son, Uday Chopra who began his career in his home production ‚Mohabbatein‘ along with a galaxy of stars that included Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Jimi Shergil and Jugal Hansraj, will soon be seen in his next ‚Neel ‚N‘ Nikki‘.

Interview von 2005.

Uday Chopra speaks about Supari
By correspondent

Uday speaks about his life in films and his new release, Supari which is currently being screened in selective cinemas across the UK.

Interview von 2003.

Uday Chopra is biding his time. He is not worried.
By Rediff.comUday Chopra

Unlike other newcomers, there is none of that desire to schmooze around with industry biggies, or pounce on any role that comes his way

Interview vom 2.12.2000.


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